3 Dos and 3 Don’ts in an Interview

3 Dos and 3 Don’ts in an Interview 1024 683 nbempong

3 Dos and 3 Don’ts in an Interview 

There are a few things about interview conduct that you should know. It is very easy for you to overlook some of these. This article provides you with quick and helpful guide. This is not an exhaustive list. How many of these do you know already? 


1. Greet your Interviewer(s) with a firm handshake and make eye contact  

This is good manners and shows you know how conduct yourself during a first meeting. It might sound simple but it’s easy to forget. You might greet the person who picks you up from reception, but do you do this to the interviewers already seated?   

2. Bring 2 printed copies of your CV with you 

Sometimes interviewers are pulled in at that last minute and may not have had time to print out a copy of your CV. How prepared will you look when you pull out a copy for the interviewer? This shows you’re the kind of person that thinks ahead and considers what others might need   

3. Make sure you have 1 or 2 good questions that you want to ask your interviewer 

A great way to show an interviewer you understand the company and what it wants from you is to ask a good question. It also shows you’ve been listening. Done right, a good question can be the final confirmation the interviewer needs to choose you. Here is an example I think works very well as a last question: “Is there anything I can do to address any reservations you might still have?”   


1. Do not insult or harshly criticise your current/former employer 

It’s easy to get caught up and say something unflattering about your last job. Let’s face it. If everything was perfect, you might not be moving. Be strong and resist this urge. It will make your future employer wonder how you’ll describe them if/when you leave one day. You can acknowledge imperfections, if you really must, but try to provide mitigating factors.       

2. Do not interrupt your interviewer 

Nobody likes to be interrupted. A good interview will give you plenty of time to speak. When the interviewer speaks, put all your energy into listening. As a bonus, you come across better when you understand the questions you’re asked. Something you hear may inspire a good question for you to ask at the end.    

3. Do not discuss desired salary 

You may be tempted to ask, or the interviewer might ask you about your desired salary. Either way (unless you don’t have an agent representing you) you should avoid this topic. When money is discussed it takes the interviewer away from considering your qualities, to considering your cost. Make sure they believe you’re the right candidate and salary almost becomes an afterthought (if you fall within advertised range).     


These are a few things that will help you increase your chances of acing that interview. One of these might be the difference between failure and success. It’s your responsibility to stack the odds in your favour. Are there any dos and don’ts you would add? Share your opinions with us and help someone out.    

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