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A few words from Nana

I started Sapient Recruitment to solve a problem I’d encountered many times. While working as an IT contractor, the recruiters I spoke to did not know anything about the roles. I had to regularly advise them on the type of candidate they needed. I heard employers and hiring managers complain about how much of their time was wasted by recruiters who sent them obviously inappropriate candidates. I had to remind recruiters when my contract was nearly up for renewal and chase them for feedback. If I applied for a role and wasn’t successful, I never heard from the recruiter again. No feedback, and they were always ‘busy’ when I called.
Sapient Recruitment allowed me to stop saying “I can do better” and do it. I have proven that providing a great recruitment service for employers and hiring managers; and a great recruitment experience for candidates allows us all to benefit. IT Recruitment should not be as stressful as it is. Continuous improvement will allow us to become even more effective, transparent and simple to use. Together, let us take a step closer to the change we all want to see.

Simply register, request a call back or call us now on 020 7566 1199 to experience the difference. You deserve better.

Taking the stress out of your IT Recruitment.

We only work on IT Infrastructure, IT Support, Cloud and Systems Administrator/Wintel roles in Greater London. That’s all we do, and we do it well.

Our focus allows us to provide you with the best service possible. You can trust our techies to hire the best techies for you. We won’t make you wade through dozens of CVs

We have never had to refund a placement.

We take the stress out of your IT Recruitment by keeping things simple and doing exactly what we say we will do:
1. We engage with you and ensure we understand from both an employer and candidate’s perspective.
2. We screen for you and provide an average of three CVs. Screening is done by people who have worked in the roles they are screening for.
3. We facilitate the whole process, arranging interviews and ensuring the best fit.

The results are a stress-free IT Recruitment process for you that guarantees the best fit for both employers and candidates. This leads to lower staff turnover and long-term value for you.

You don’t have to take our word for it, look at what people are saying – TESTIMONIALS
You can register, request a call back or call us now on 020 7566 1199 to experience the difference. You deserve better.