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How covid-19 has affected jobseeking

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How covid-19 is affecting jobseeking

The first and perhaps the biggest effect covid-19 has had is the reduction in new positions. Companies are still hiring . The conditions have made it an employer’s market. That said, it’s only when the role is a lower skilled position. There is still a huge demand for high-skill/high-experience candidates. If you are one of these individuals you will have more options to consider. 

Employers feel they can offer lower salaries and still get the best candidates

This might be true in some cases. Generally because of the demand for high-skill candidates they underestimate how low they can go and still get the best. The assumption is that if others are losing their positions and economic outlook is bleak then people will be grateful just to have something. That can be costly mistake going forward. 

Remote working is no longer a quirky benefit

Working from home is possible and beneficial in many cases. Workers want working from home as part of a position going forward. A large number of roles are now completely remote. This means location isn’t as important.  

Interviews are conducted online/remotely 

Recently the format has been telephone, Zoom and another Zoom. This means that candidates are being hired without ever being physically in front of employers. This trend will only grow as the technologies and cultural practices make it easier and more acceptable. You should still make an effort to appear smart on video interviews.


Things are have changed because of the pandemic. Don’t expect them to just go back to the way they were before covid-19. Jobseekers and employers both have to adapt to the new way of doing things. When covid-19 is under control those who adapt to the new “normal” will benefit the most.  

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